Link DigiReceptie with your business software

Let software work for you and save time and money.

Data always in sync

DigiReceptie can easily communicate with your business software so that data is fully synchronised and processes are fully automated.

The DigiReceptie API enables:

  • employees to be synchronised
  • appointments to be imported from any type of calendar/server
  • data export to and from every CRM/database
  • transfer documents
  • opening doors and gates using the Switch
  • easy login with a Single sign-on server
  • xisting access control and license plate recognition integration

What do we need to make a link?

  1. permanent contact person to discuss the details of the system
  2. function requirements, what should the system do?
  3. does the other system function as a data source or does it need data to be synchronised?
  4. documentation about the system to which a connection needs to be made
  5. linking method (REST API, SOAP or other)
  6. endpoints (URL) for API
  7. authentication data (required login data, token etc.)
  8. test environment with test data

Good to know

  • no open API available, we will realise the link
  • connections always differ, you will receive a quote following assessment
  • connection is only possible with the Enterprise license
  • takes an average of 3 weeks to complete after receiving the payment

Send an email (complete as possible) with the preferences for your connection to

We will contact you as soon as possible.

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DigiReceptie knowledge centre

Link DigiReceptie with your business software

DigiReceptie can easily communicate with your business software so that data is fully synchronised and processes are fully automated.

DigiReceptie, here's how it works...

DigiReceptie is a digital solution for visitor registration and takes unnecessary time-consuming reception tasks out of your hands.

Prepare iPad for DigiReception

If you have ordered an iPad via DigiReception, you can skip this step, have we already done it for you!

Data retention time

The maximum storage time is 180 days, or 6 months.

An ordinary 'visit' becomes a 'customer journey' with pre-registration

Inviting visitors is often one of the first contact moments with your organisation.
For a professional first impression it is therefore important that there is a consistent plan in place: “How do we invite visitors?”

Emergency button

To view or email a list of registered persons.

DigiReceptie Course registration Accurate, professional and saves you a lot of time

Do you often receive students? DigiReceptie is very easy to expand with the course registration module that takes a lot of work off your hands.

DigiReceptie Switch

With the DigiReceptie Switch any type of system can be made for opening a door, gate or barrier automatically once the visitor has been recognised.

Add employee?

You add employees in the Administrator Portal.

Register employees and emergency response team members

You can register and unsubscribe quickly so that there is a clear overview.

Paper visitor registration

The short version is: you may not share personal data without permission. Registration in the form of a list at the counter is therefore no longer permitted from 25 May 2018.

Instruction for preprinted pass

What must the design meet?

Electricity & Internet connection

The faster the connection, the faster the application.

Support & Updates

We are available on workdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., via the “Support button” in WebPortaal, via or by telephone 033- 2007760. Optionally, a 24-hour and Onsite SLA is available, mail us for the options.

What type of Tablet can be used?

DigiReception works on Tablets from Apple from IOS 13 and Android from version 4.4.

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