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DigiReception immediately gives your visitor a professional impression by sending a neat email in your house style. In this email the appointment information, directions, parking instructions, the WiFi code, a PDF with Covid health and visitor conditions and of course a QR code to quickly and easily register contactlessly upon arrival. “There is only one chance for the first impression.” Guaranteed a whauw factor!

Without direct personal contact, Corona, hygiene and visitor conditions can be displayed per visitor type and questions can be asked for the mandatory “Check conversation”, such as have you had a cold or have been in contact with… completely digital and safe. Your employees and visitors can easily comply with the 1.5 meter distance measure and guidelines and you prevent unnecessary contact moments.

Visitors, students, drivers, suppliers and employees can log in and out contactlessly with a QR code. Your employees and visitors can easily comply with the 1.5 meter distance measure and guidelines.

In the invitation email sent by DigiReception you can inform your visitors in advance about the Corona code of conduct within your organization and a PDF file can be added, such as the guidelines of the RIVM.

In this way you reduce or prevent unnecessary contact moments and thus the risk of contamination considerably. DigiReception is also a very valuable source of data for a contact investigation.

DigiReception immediately sends the appointment owner an e-mail, push or text message when his visitor has registered.

It is also possible with Video Reception, it is possible to speak to visitors and / or customers professionally via a 2-way video connection. The receptionist can answer the calls remotely. In this way you prevent unnecessary physical contact and guarantee the safety of your visitors and employees.

In addition to increasing hospitality, DigiReception can also save a lot of costs. Sometimes there are too few visitors to make the reception staff profitable. With DigiReception you can easily save a lot of costs.

With the DigiReception Smartphone App for employees it is possible to:

  • Pre-register a visit
  • View visitor lists
  • Employees QR code for emergency response and time registration
  • Invitee and course overview
  • Emergency list of visitors and employees
  • Group message to EROs in an emergency
  • Registration and deregistration of visitors and students
    * soon: automatic registration and deregistration based on GPS location

With 1 push of a button, a list of all registrations is available in the DigiReception Portal and on the Smartphone App. This belongs to both visitors and employees. A handy function is the “safe swiping / ticking” of who is safe. A group message can also be sent to all emergency responders, employees and visitors. Very effective in the event of a calamity or evacuation. Not only pleasant for the visitor, but as an entrepreneur you immediately comply with the ARBO, ISO, AVG, GDPR privacy rules.

More and more organizations are becoming aware that a professional invitation to visit with clear Covid information in advance, a RIVM health check on location and an accurate list of all contact moments is and remains an essential part of the “standard” business process.

  • professional invitation with rules of conduct
  • contactless registration with Corona key
  • hygiene and visitor conditions and “check conversation” per visitor type
  • accurate registration of all contact moments
  • most complete solution in the Netherlands, we help 100% with start-up, you get super support and of course a good price

More than 1.6 million companies worldwide are ISO certified

And that is not for nothing. Companies increasingly want to do business only with other ISO-certified companies or require certification for further cooperation. Non-certified companies are increasingly excluded from tenders or supplier / partner selections. ISO quality standards have been deliberately developed to help you properly manage and run your business. In addition, it helps you to continuously & systematically evaluate and optimize business performance. If your company is ISO certified, this means that all requirements of the relevant standard are 100% met. An independent external organization, the Certification Body (CI), concludes this from an investigation (an audit), after which they award you an official ISO certificate.

The most important advantages are briefly and concisely for you below. ISO certification helps to identify and optimize your various business processes. This gives your management a tool to steer the company. ISO certification contributes to a positive corporate image, both nationally and internationally, resulting in an advantage over your competitors. Increase in efficiency, resulting in cost reductions. Processes & structures become clear to the entire organization, including communication structures, tasks and responsibilities. This increases the involvement of your employees, which is beneficial for the working atmosphere, work pressure and reducing absenteeism. Customer and customer satisfaction are central; focus on optimizing customer satisfaction. Problems can be spotted and identified in a timely manner, allowing you to take action to prevent errors in the future.

With DigiReception, the privacy of your visitors is always guaranteed and contact persons remain protected. By organizing visitor registration well, you always know who is visiting your building.

You can make and order a quotation in our Webshop via the demo account. See also features and prices.

We help with the implementation of DigiReception, set up the account, integrate your corporate identity, create locations and configure the settings together as desired. You only need to add the employees (can also be done via API), set their access rights and adjust the sample texts in the emails sent by DigiReception as desired.

On location, a UTP internet connection and a power connection are required for every Tablet, Kiosk or peripheral equipment such as badge printer and ID scanner. We usually send tablets and peripherals – ready for use – to the internet and plug in power and that’s it. The administrators / users receive training via a Web meeting and we immediately put the finishing touches right.

Installation and training on site is also possible. The DigiReception demo account can easily be converted to a licensed version via the online shop and can therefore be used immediately.

DigiReception uses separate servers in the Netherlands (AM3), encrypted connections and encrypts data, making it unreadable in a hack. The entire application has also undergone a very positive PEN test. The retention time of data can be set in the DigiReception Web Portal.

Research shows that a Saas / cloud server is (often) much more difficult to reach physically. Access to the Cloud server park is heavily secured. IP is also monitored 24/7, software / firewalls are always up-to-date and backups are made. The processes run according to the highest current ISO and AVG / GDPR standards.

Besides our software DigiReception also supplies the necessary hardware. For registering visitors, there are 2 sizes of iPads with counter or floor stand or a Kiosk with 24 inch screen and built-in equipment.

We can also provide badge printers and required consumables, ID scanners, door / barrier switches and adapter and connection cables. All materials are delivered ready-to-use. The hardware shop is accessible via the DigiReception Web Portal.

Hardware is optional and you can also provide it yourself. DigiReception also works with any Windows or Linux computer with Chrome Web browser and screen in portrait orientation.

Everything for a smile is also our motto. Our people stand for a pleasant cooperation with trust and respect. We think from a leadership perspective, are solution-oriented and focus on human value, connection and fun. We are happy to help, advise and take the time for you.

We are available on working days between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., via, the “Support button” in Portal or by telephone via 033- 2007760. An optional 24/7 SLA is available.

Employees / emergency response team members can quickly log in and out with a QR code or by entering their name. For example, there is always an overview of how many emergency response officers are present and whether the legislation is complied with. DigiReception can optionally be linked to an access control system. Read more about linking DigiReceptie here. 

* soon: automatic registration and deregistration based on GPS location

The short version is: you may not share personal data without permission. Registration in the form of a complete list at the desk is therefore no longer allowed from May 25, 2018, the effective date of new AVG legislation. In addition, as a company you do not want visitor information about who visits your building to be fairly transparent.

As far as we are concerned, there is nothing to fear because DigiReception only takes over boring routine chores. The Fax became E-mail and paper visitor registration is now digital, a tablet or Kiosk. Welcoming the visitor with a friendly smile, taking his or her coat, offering something to drink or reading and offering an umbrella or bottle of water on departure remains “normal” people work.

Thanks to the digital registration of visitors, you always know who is in your building. By having your hygiene and safety rules read and approved, you inform your visitors of the risks and your conditions.

With DigiReception you can easily manage all your visitor flows per visitor type. You protect your properties and those of your employees through accurate access control and visitor registration. With DigiReception you have a comprehensive visitor registration according to the Working Conditions Act, HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.


Make software work for you and save time and money. DigiReception can easily communicate with your business software so that data is completely synchronous and processes can be fully automated.

Via the DigiReception API, employees can be synchronized, appointments imported from any type of calendar / server, data export to and from any CRM / database, documents can be transferred, doors and barriers open with the Switch, easily log in with a Single sign-on server, integrate existing access control and license plate recognition.

This also makes it possible to fully automate access to your site and buildings. We have realized more than 100 different links. DigiReception is totally flexible in customization through its own software development.

Optionally, Apple Wallet can be added to the invitation email to the visitor. As soon as the visitor approaches your building, the Wallet will automatically display the DigiReception Invitation. Contactless registration is possible with the QR code.

If you have ordered an iPad via DigiReception, you can skip this step, we have already done it for you! otherwise click …

The maximum storage time is 180 days, or 6 months. You can adjust this yourself in the Portal at the Tab: Settings> General settings> Retention time

The DigiReception Course Registration module replaces all standard administrative tasks related to inviting, receiving and deregistering students and sending (PE) certificates. Of course linked to your database.

DigiReception works with an Apple iPad 10.2 or iPad Pro 12.9 from iOS version 13. Samsung has limited support. We recommend that you always connect this wired via a UTP internet connection. Available in DigiReception shop.

Have you ordered a passprinter with preprinted badges? Then look here for the design instruction

You can leave the iPad on 24/7 thanks to the intelligent charge management, charging stops when enough is charged. You can set the screen intensity (brightness) in the Portal. This way you can darken the screen after closing time.

In terms of Internet connection, we recommend connecting the equipment wired. This is extra work now, but it increases the stability considerably.

With the DigiReception Switch any type of switch can be made, making it possible to open a door, gate or barrier automatically when the visitor registers. The Switch can be used at any point in the process, such as outside to open a barrier, logging in outside the building after which the front door is opened or inside at an access gate.

DigiReception is Cloud software, which means that all users use exactly the same software. We therefore spot problems very quickly and of course solve them immediately. If it is not a general malfunction, we see that problems can often be solved on site by checking the following. 

  1. is the latest DigiReception App and OS version used? solution: update to latest version
  2. is the internet connection ok? solution: use the App Speedtest, minimum is 5mb up / down
  3. is all equipment connected wired? metal makes wifi unstable. solution: uses UTP cabling
  4. do you use Crome as a web browser for the DigiReception Portal? solution: install Chrome

If you cannot find a solution yourself, call or email us and we will look with you.

Is your question not answered? Call or email us, we are happy to help you.

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