We take safety and privacy as a starting point in everything we do.

Everything to protect your data
Our hawk eyes, muscles and clear agreements ensure that your data is well protected and secured. Our promise: we protect your data as if it were our own and never share it with other parties without good reason.

Physical measures for access security
The data is physically stored at a data center in Amsterdam. Access to this data center is secured by means of ID check and biometric check and an RFID pass that is only issued to authorized persons.

Logical access control
Access to all user accounts is at least secured with an irreversibly encrypted password. Each account can be further secured via 2-way authentication.

Organizational measures for access security
DigiReception only has access to insight into the data of customers who have given explicit access for this from their management environment. Customers can revoke this access at any time.

Security of network connections via TLS technology
All communication between the application, the backend and other systems takes place via an encrypted connection over HTTPS. The API is secured with an authentication token that is only valid for a limited time and must always be extended.

Confidentiality of employees and engaged third parties
Both DigiReception employees and third parties, for example the developer, must adhere to a confidentiality obligation with regard to the (personal) data of customers.

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