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DigiReceptie is a small and transparent organisation from Leusden in the Netherlands. We specialise in providing complete support for organisations when it comes to digital visitor registration. Our enthusiastic team loves developing, creating and maintaining innovative reception software, that’s how DigiReceptie was born 5 years ago. We believe that technology should be fun, simple and intuitive, take work off your hands and professionalise the customer journey. Our people believe in a pleasant working relationship based on trust and respect. We believe in leadership, are solution-oriented and put human value, connection and pleasure first.

Our priority is: satisfied customers, innovation and renewal. We do this by creating software that works. Take safety and privacy as a starting point in everything we do. To offer total flexibility in customisation through our own software development. Fast and professional support, regular updates and our ‘can-do’ attitude. At DigiReceptie you have one contact person who has only one goal, to make you happy.
Paper-based visitor registration is old-fashioned, wasteful and time-consuming. With DigiReceptie, visitor registration is faster, smarter, more fun and safer. For the visitor and for you. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Starting with the first invite, DigiReceptie shows that your company is efficient, innovative and customer-oriented. DigiReceptie is free to try without obligations and is very easy to use.

What customers say…

“We’ve found DigiReceptie to be a very complete and easy tool to register and unsubscribe both our visitors and our employees.” Deborah Ewaart – D-reizen / D-rt Groep

“With DigiReceptie we now receive our guests in a modern way and we always know who is in the building” Mireille – Olympic Fruit

“Many visitors have indicated that the system is impressive and pleasant to use” Patrick Otten – Hollander Techniek

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