Prepare your organization for DigiReception

Step 1: DigiReception account
Create a DigiReception account via This is the start of the DigiReception “journey”. You can then click around and become familiar with DigiReception. It also becomes clear which method of pre-registration suits you best. We also know that you are setting up DigiReception and we can help you with everything. For DigiReception you need a Tablet (Apple or Android) and a desktop computer with Chrome internet browser for the DigiReception management portal.

Step 2: Set up the DigiReception as desired
DigiReception can be used in any situation due to the many possibilities. DigiReception is very intuitive, so you can easily make your own settings as desired. Of course we are happy to help you. Plan a WebMeeting here

Step 3: Assemble the hardware
The hardware shop is accessible via the Web portal. There is a choice of Tablets, frames that the Tablet can hold, counter- and floor stand, columns, printers and supplies. Here you can assemble and order the desired hardware.

Step 4: activate the license
From the demo account you can easily activate the desired license. See the different options here. You can pay with iDeal, credit card, bank contact and per invoice. The license starts when the invoice is paid.

Step 5: invite employees
Depending on the working method, employees must be instructed in working with DigiReception. We often see that the importance of inviting visitors professionally, the first impression of the company, is taken as a stepping stone for “turning on” DigiReception.

The invitation email can be edited in terms of text and layout via the DigiReception WebPortaal. If an employee is added to DigiReception, this email can be sent automatically. In this way all employees receive their own login and are aware of the working method with DigiReception.

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