Meet the Reseller program from DigiReception.

Profitable from your first customer. Your customers are also curious how they can easily professionalize the visitor registration process and save money. You as a trusted and reliable supplier can fulfill these wishes with DigiReception. That way you stay ahead of the competition with innovation and revenue. DigiReception is a unique product that allows you to expand your portfolio and advice function to existing customers and attract new customers.

There is a wide range of innovative services that you can offer as a DigiReception Reseller such as: Advice, Projects, Management, Service, Hardware and Software licenses. Experience shows that customers who will use DigiReception also buy the necessary hardware / equipment and there is a regular need for customization.

What can you expect?

  • sales under your own name and corporate identity
  • You are and remain the point of contact for all your customers
  • You provide support to your customers yourself
  • ready-made online solution 
  • no investments, purchase after sale
  • complete control through online management portal
  • professional training of your sales and service people
  • digital marketing package
  • fast technical support
  • you send your invoices yourself

How to become a reseller

We would like to hear the motivation as to why you wish to sell DigiReceptie, in which regions/countries, how and where you are going to bring DigiReceptie to the attention of people, how many sales employees are actively involved and which annual targets will be set. Basically we expect a very pro-active attitude and a smartly thought-out marketing/sales plan that will result in at least 25 customers annually.

If there is a mutual click, you will receive the reseller agreement, which we would like returned together with the DigiReceptie conditions and processing agreement signed. We would also like to see a sample agreement that you as a Reseller provide your customers. You will receive a ‘Reseller Admin login’ by email for managing customers and activating licenses. Via the unique URL, new customers can register and try out DigiReceptie for 1 month free of charge.

We would like to meet you, call or email us!

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