DigiReception supplies hardware for every application

DigiReception can supply all hardware such as tablets, counter and floor stands, indoor and outdoor kiosks, peripherals, cabling, printers and visitor passes.

For every application hardware,

Besides our software DigiReception also supplies the necessary hardware. For registering visitors, there are 2 sizes of iPads with counter or floor stand or a Kiosk with 24 inch screen and built-in equipment.

We can also provide badge printers and required consumables, ID scanners, door / barrier switches and adapter and connection cables. All materials are delivered ready-made. 

Hardware is optional and you can also provide it yourself. We are happy to help and advise you, make an appointment here or try DigiReception yourself, create hier a free demo account here.

The hardware shop can be reached via the DigiRe Reception Web Portal.

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